Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Adjustable Walking Cane and Quad Walker Reviews - Stop and Read About Medical Alternatives To Canes


Why go down the road of assuming you need a cane or walker to help you walk better?

What if there was something else that could improve the way you walk?

1.) Introduction

Do a Google search on how many people look for canes everyday and you would be totally shocked! - People turn to a cane or quad walker because they see other people using them. However, what if there was something else that could help you walk better? - No, this is not a gimmick. We are talking about a medically prescribed brace alternative that many physicians request for their patients on a daily basis.

What if you could get one that could stop the need for a cane?

Would you like to try something else?

Or, would you rather that many people might look at your cane and label you as being disabled?

2.) Canes & Quad Walkers - Their Upside

A.) Stability: Canes can help people walk with more stability. We are not arguing this. The improved stability can be a benefit, but what is the cost for the patient?

B.) Cadence: Walking speed can also improve as a result of using a cane. People can usually walk a little faster because of the stability that these braces provide.

Sure, you could probably think of some other benefits of canes and walkers, on a functional level, if you really put your mind to it. However, we believe that these are the main two benefits. Would you agree?

3.) Alternatives to Canes - Braces For Walking

Special braces exist that can help you walk better. These braces are nothing new actually. These braces can be custom made for a patient so it fits their dimensions extremely well. The brace usually comes up below your knee and incorporates the foot. This all can be hidden by the use of a pair of pants as well, which is a bonus! The benefits of these kinds of braces (AFOs - ankle foot orthoses) are 3 fold.

A.) You do not have to carry anything.
B.) Your stability will increase when you walk.
C.) Your walking speed will also improve, if you have a gait impairment.

If you are starting to think about a walking aid, then seriously consider using one of these braces. They can be billed to many people's health insurance and this helps to keep out of pocket costs down as well!

*Note: This is health information. Medical advice about AFOs needs to be provided by your local, licensed orthotist (brace specialist).

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