Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Adjustable Walking Cane Suppliers - Alternatives To Walking Sticks - Why You Need To Read This!

Don't you wish you could avoid using a cane?

Maybe you have come to the conclusion that you need to find an adjustable walking cane, but what if you could avoid using one at all? Seriously. What if you could really get rid of that thing for good!?

1.) Introduction

A lot of people know about canes and as a result, this is one of the first things they turn to mentally when they need help with walking. Hey, canes might work, let's be real about this, but there are other alternatives to using a cane that can help you walk too. Just think about it for a second... When you use a cane, people may label you as being disabled and it is also something that you have to hold every time you walk. - What if you could avoid this? What if there was something else that you did not have to hold that could help you walk like you used to?

2.) Benefits to Walking Canes - A Quick Review

A.) They can usually help people feel more secure when they walk, because they can help improve balance for the patient.

B.) The use of a cane can also help someone walk faster as well, in many instances.

You might be able to think of other reasons, but these are two functional reasons why people turn to a cane. Yes, some people turn to them as a fashion statement, but can you think of any other reasons why people will turn to a cane for functional purposes?

3.) Alternatives To Canes That Really Can Work For People - AFOs

There are braces that people can wear, below their knee that can really help a person walk better, if there is some level of impairment. They can be easily hidden by a pair of pants as well. These braces are referred to as AFOs (ankle foot orthoses). The benefits of an AFO is that you do not have to carry it when you walk. Moreover, this kind of brace can help to improve your walking speed and stability to the point where you could get rid of your cane tomorrow! - These braces can be custom made to your size and often times they can be billed to your health insurance as well, because they are medical necessary items. You should seriously consider using one of these devices today, because you may be able to walk better and parish the thought of ever using a cane again!

*Note: This is health information. Medical advice regarding orthopedic braces needs to be provided by your local, licensed orthotist (brace specialist). This is good information, but the fact remains that not everyone can shed their can because they have a brace. Many people can, but not everyone.

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