Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fallen Arches - Some Important Facts

You will see that when there is a partial or complete collapse of the foot arch it is known as fallen arch. This condition is experienced mostly by adults, old people and pregnant women. The condition occurs on the worsening of your flat foot condition or due to the overstretching of the tendons found in your foot. It is very common foot disorder that occurs in adults because as we grow old the use of ligaments and tendons increases. The muscles eventually lose the ability to stretch and the nice shape of the arch can no longer be maintained. If you are facing severe pain or discomfort while walking or running then it is essential for you to consult a podiatrist as soon as possible.

Some now let me tell you about some very important facts that you must surely know about the fallen arches.

1. All about fallen arches
You will see that the disorder to flat feet and fallen arch are two completely different things. Adults who face the problem of fallen arches will experience extreme pain in their ankle, heel, lower back and legs. Some people also tend to face redness, inflammation and swelling which occurs due to the over stretching of the tendons and ligaments. The appearance of your foot might also change when the arch becomes flat. Once the disorder takes up its full form, you might face problems like bunions and hammertoes.

2. Curing the disorder
This particular disorder cannot be fully cured but you can surely improve your condition. Some excellent ways are mentioned below.

• Correcting your posture would really help in improving the condition as your body weight would get distributed in an even manner.
• Try to strengthen the muscles and tendons of your lower body with the help of medicated oils or other supplements.
• For extra precaution, you must surely purchase shoe insoles, cushions and arches which help in providing you comfort, stability and shock absorption.
• Exercise your foot on a regular basis and follow the advice given by your podiatrist.

3. Take the help of shoe insoles and cushions
Shoe insoles and cushions are really made of very soft materials and with their help you can improve your foot condition to a great extent. Try to purchase insoles that can provide maximum comfort and support to your feet while you are walking, jogging or running. While playing rigorous games also, you must consider installing them in your shoes.

This article would certainly provide you all the essential points that you need to know about the fallen arches.

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