Saturday, March 12, 2011

Foods That Fight Joint Pain

For centuries, foods have being used to treat various conditions. Today, many physicians are recommending a change in diet as part of the treatment for various diseases. Nutrition is playing a bigger role in the treatment of chronic diseases such as gout and arthritis which are affecting a larger number of people today.

Causes of Joint Pain

Joint pain may be caused by injuries or may be experienced as a result of an infectious disease. However the most common cause of joint pain today is arthritis. This is a condition that results from the inflammation of the joints as a result of the wearing down of the cartilage in the joints. Wear and tear of cartilage is a normal result of daily activities. Osteoarthritis is more common in women and is characterized by chronic pain in the joints. Many people with arthritis will complain of pain in the hip joints and other major joints in the body.

Nutrients that Combat Joint Pain

If you are looking for foods that can help you with hip joint relief or any other joint pain relief, it is best to begin by understanding the major nutrients that are known to combat and prevent pain. This will also make it easier to select foods that will not only provide you with energy for your daily activities but also help relieve the pain.

Vitamin C is one of the most important nutrients in the war against pain caused by arthritis. This vitamin slows down the wear and tear of joints thus slowing down the progression and hence preventing arthritis. Vitamin C provides the body with antioxidants that control the action of free radicals. The vitamin is also a key element in the formation of collagen which is the main ingredient in bone and cartilage formation.

Vitamin D and Calcium on the other hand help to protect your bones and prevent join pain. Calcium is known to prevent the loss of bone density, therefore preventing the development of osteoporosis.

The B vitamins are efficient in hip pain relief. These vitamins reduce inflammation and ease pain in the joints. Vitamin E is also an effective pain reliever. It is especially helpful in easing pain experienced by those suffering from osteoarthritis.

Foods that Combat joint pain

There are various foods that can be eaten with the aim of gaining nutrients that can help ease joint pain. The list of foods outlined below is not exhaustive. The foods are listed according to the nutrients they provide. However, combination of the foods will provide a meal rich in pain relieving nutrients.

Whole foods are the best source of joint pain relief foods. Foods such as raisins, cinnamon, apples, bananas, whole grains and pumpkins are a great source of fiber and energy. These foods provide a combination of the various vitamins and provide you with the minimum daily requirements of many of these vitamins.

Vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage and spinach are a great source of vitamin C and E. Vitamin C also occurs in some fruits such as oranges, grapes, mangoes and apples. Whole grains such as wheat are also a source of vitamin E and Vitamin B.

Fish not only provide vitamin D, but also supply you with omega 3 fatty acids which help reduce inflammation and pain. Other foods that you may like to consider for relief include garlic, Chile peppers (contains capsaicin, the main ingredient in joint pain relief drugs), curry powder (contains antioxidants) and water (to flush uric acid out of the body thus easing joint pain).

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