Sunday, March 20, 2011

Getting Through The Suffering

Life is not always easy - rather it is a roller coaster of ups and downs. We climb one figurative mountain just to sit and rest a while and then embark on another. Pain and suffering are thus an inevitable part of life. They cannot be avoided.

Without these former two aspects of life we would not grow in character become more spiritually awake and sound or emotionally fit. They refine us. This does not mean that it's pleasant to suffer, no but it is an in escapable part of life. This article aims at providing techniques that help one to cope in the dark, painful times of life and push on through to those which are more pleasant.

Firstly, maintain a positive attitude as much as possible - believe me I know this is difficult when it seems like your David facing Goliath, are in heavy debt, have lost a loved one or have pressing legal matters. What you put out into the world you get back, more often then not. One method I have found which helps an extremely negative person like me stay positive is to meditate on the word of the Lord, reciting phrases such as - "There is no condemnation for those in Christ", "Jesus is my advocate" or even - "God will protect me". If you are not Christian or religious just give yourself positive affirmations such as - "This to will pass" or - "I will survive".

Secondly, stay active - do not let your issue lead to deep depression if you can help it. Go to gym if that's your thing, write, read and even work (if you are able to). It helps.

Thirdly, if your problem is still overwhelming seek counselling - find a psychologist - speak to them let it all out, it is amazing what an objective point of view can do in such situations. They might refer you to a psychiatrist who will medicate you, but to me therapy is by far a more effective means to tackling grief and anguish then medication alone.

Fourthly, pray. Even if you are not religious pray. Jesus Christ has worked wonders in my life and with out him I would literally be in jail or dead via drugs, suicide attempts, and car crashes. I can not tell you to find Christ, but only suggest it as we all have freedom to our own religion.

Fithly, take some time to be one with nature. Observe the birds, listen to the ocean watch the sun set - remind yourself just how beautiful this cruel world actually can be.

Lastly - smile, don't lose the faith. You are not alone, there is always somebody worse off then you, and inside of you, you have all the mechanisms to deal with your problem. Face the problem don't run from it feel the grief and anguish. Sit with those feelings and before you know it, your tears and worries will turn to joy and hey your there - at the top of your own Mount Everest. Just don't give up.

Well, I hope that some of this hard learnt advice and you get to the top of your mountain. And remember for every portion of suffering there is a portion of joy.

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