Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hip Pain Relief: Now I Know Why They Strap Pillows To Their Bottoms

Has getting hip pain relief ever seemed like a daunting task to you? As if it was next to impossible to attain?

I have never longed for hip pain relief as much as I have in the past couple of months after falling and landing on my hips. I took my children ice skating in the nearby community center during the winter break because it seemed like a whole-hearted and fun family activity. Ice skating with my kids didn't seem difficult at the time as I pictured myself swirling around in grace. I used to ice skate a lot and I thought that I would have no problem reintroducing myself to the ice ring except I forgot that the last time I skated was over 15 years ago.

My children were overly ecstatic about ice skating and insisted that I join them. I didn't hesitate at all. Mommy was going to show off her skills! The problem laid in the fact that since I haven't skated in so long I had no idea what skating felt like anymore. My legs felt so wobbly trying to adjust to the ice and I found myself slipping and sliding all around the ring to my children's delight. It was all fun and games until I slipped on a turn and fell right onto my hips.

The pain was immediate and tremendous. I felt the sharp spurts of pain travel all the way from the external skin to the internal bones. I could barely even get up! It wasn't embarrassing showing my children that it's ok to fall and I'm glad that they had a good laugh out of it but the pain has haunted me ever since that day. It has persisted every day and never seems to disappear.

I have been actively seeking out hip pain relief ever since then! My hip pain appears to grow every day, and I think the ligaments and tendons are still swollen with jolts of pain running through my hips at random times of the day. It has begun to interfere with my daily life and my ability to take care of my children. My children are able to walk faster than me when I take them to school now and I can barely even keep up due to the pain. The moment that I return home I immediately have to soothe and ease the pain by applying heat packages for temporary hip pain relief and my day can sometimes really go downhill from there.

My hip pain has definitely taken a major toll on my life and I have constantly had to seek hip pain relief from that day on. It has been a nightmare!

If I only knew that one day would cause so much pain, I would have never ever gotten on the ice let alone try to show off in the skates! So much for being an avid ice skater back in the days! Sometimes it's just not worth the trouble of showing off to your kids anymore when my body just isn't as resilient as it used to be when I was a kid!

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