Saturday, March 12, 2011

How Holistic Medicine Can Help Cure Winter Aches

Winter is a long and dreaded season for most of us because it brings severe joint and body aches that make us cringe in pain. Heavy snow and freezing temperatures tend to cause various cold-related painful conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, sinusitis, carpel tunnel syndrome or knee joint pain that can directly affect your daily activities. Considering effective pain management is necessary to cope with such conditions. Holistic medicine is one of the most worthwhile pain management techniques that can help cure winter aches and pains. Here is how holistic medicine can deal with annoying body aches during low temperature.

What causes Muscles Stiffness in Winter?

The major cause of winter-related joint pain is insufficient hydration level that leads to contracted muscles and disturbed muscle tone. It is advised to stay hydrated to prevent any muscle cramps, soreness or lethargy. Moreover, the sedentary and less active lifestyle during the winter season also tends to make the joints, tendons and muscles to stiffen up, making winter aches worse. Keeping your body warm and active in the winter will not stiffen up or hurt your joints. In addition, you can also choose holistic medicine that will help you deal with annoying winter pains.

Massage Therapy for Relieving Body Aches

Massage therapy is the most effective type of holistic medicine that keeps your muscles and joints warm and flexible, helping you to enjoy the winter season without any fear of pain. A massage therapist provides a variety of massage therapy techniques to increase joint mobility and flexibility, muscle strength, decrease soreness, stiffness and inflammation and promote blood flow. A massage practitioner provides gentle hand movements to the affected body parts which help relieve pain and facilitate joint movement.

Physical Therapy for Pain Management

It is another effective way to get rid of muscles and joint pain during winter season and keep your body more flexible and healthy. Physical therapy comprises of certain manipulative techniques that effectively reduce variety of health conditions such as neck and back pain, headaches, migraine, asthma and various other conditions. A physical therapist provides gentle, small and passive body movements to release muscle tension and spasm, facilitate joint movement, promote relaxation and improve overall bodily functions.

Gentle Joint Mobilization Techniques for Increasing Joint Mobility

The less active lifestyle during winter season cause muscle stiffness and joint immobility. Therefore, considering joint mobilization technique is undoubtedly a sensible choice in this regard. In gentle joint mobilization technique certain stretching and strengthening exercises are performed to restore body movements and improve range of body motions. This significant type of holistic medicine can help reduce pain and release muscle tension from areas such as neck, head, ankles, spines, ribs and neck. It is especially effective for managing arthritic joint pain, improving joint mobility and function and reducing pain in affected body areas.

If truth be told, using holistic healing techniques for pain management will definitely keep winter-related body aches and joint pains at bay. Holistic medicine is comprised of a variety of pain management techniques that help you address specific conditions that are provoked by freezing temperatures every year.

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