Saturday, March 12, 2011

How To Deal With Unbearable Leg Pain

In contrast to popular belief, most women will seek medical assistance for varicose veins not only to have great looking legs, but also to get some relief from leg vein pain. These varicose veins which appear large, gnarled, bulgy, bluish and purple on legs could be uncomfortable and sore. In worse cases scenarios, the pain can cause a person to wake constantly at nights because of worn out feeling in the legs.

More adult women will be affected by varicose veins than men, however this hardly ever occur in teenage girls. The main causes are hormones and genetic or genes endowment. Most times, the first appearance of these veins would be when a female is pregnant and her bodily hormones undergo whirlwind changes. However, even adult women who've never been pregnant with a lean body and also have an active lifestyle could also have varicose veins, simply because their mothers were affected by them in the past. These adult women had been born with defective veins and rather than circulating the blood towards the heart, the blood will be bound in the veins.

The treatment for leg vein pain tends to be conventional. Women are encouraged to live an active lifestyle rather than an inactive one in order to promote a healthier blood circulation in her legs. There is also the option of wearing the stretchable support hosiery and elevating the legs whilst sleeping or lying down.

Conservative treatments will only take care of minimum discomfort. The troublesome pain will require a visit to a specialist who might necessitate the usage of non-invasive treatment options such as VNUS Closure, sclerotherapy and vein stripping. The first one will introduce RF energy that will heat up the collagen in the vein walls which causes it to contract and then completely seal up the vein. These treatment options are effective in eliminating varicose veins. However fresh varicose veins might develop and appear in other regions, particularly without appropriate lifestyle changes.

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