Monday, March 28, 2011

Is It Whiplash?

You've been in a fender bender that didn't seem that bad at the time. You dealt with the other driver, the traffic cop and the insurance company that day. Maybe you even drove home. But today, you feel terrible! What happened? While severe neck pain is sometimes considered the tell-tale sign of a whiplash injury, there is a wide variety of other symptoms including headaches, fatigue, upper back and shoulder pain, cognitive changes and low back pain. There are so many factors that contribute to a whiplash injury such as direction of impact, speed of the vehicles involved, as well as sex, age and physical condition, that each person's combination of symptoms is unique. That is why it is vital to take a holistic approach to the diagnosis and treatment of whiplash injuries. Holistic doctors of chiropractic treat victims of traffic accidents on a regular basis. We understand the complex nature of whiplash injuries and know many ways to help your body recover from them.

Many different parts of your body may hurt or feel numb and tingly besides your neck. That is because whiplash involves damage to the vertebrae, nerves, discs, muscles, and ligaments of your neck and spine. Your spine contains your spinal chord which connects your brain to most of the nerves in your body. These nerves pass between vertebrae on their way to your arms, legs and other parts of your body. When spinal injury occurs, the gaps between certain vertebrae can become too small. This pinches the nerves, causing pain, numbness and/or weakness in other parts of your body. The tendons that surround the neck and spine are also full of nerves which can be damaged during whiplash trauma. This is why holistic doctors are committed to the long-term care of each whiplash injury sufferer. They know how to treat the long-term affects that whiplash injuries have throughout the body.

Even if the wreck happened weeks or months ago, you may begin to feel pain in many places. Whiplash symptoms are often not obvious on the day of the accident. In fact, very often, they are not felt until the next day. Sometimes, it takes weeks or even months for all the injuries that resulted from the whiplash trauma to become obvious to you. The techniques that holistic doctors of chiropractic use in examinations often help them find problems that you may not feel symptoms from yet.

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