Saturday, March 12, 2011

Knee Pain: How To Get Rid Of Pain And Creaking Knees

Knee pain can be the result of several underlying medical conditions. Two of the most common reasons you may suffer with knee pain are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Osteoarthritis is commonly called "wear and tear" arthritis. It is caused by the breakdown and loss of cartilage that cushions the ends of the bones and causes them to rub together. Osteoarthritis results in pain and stiffness in the knees. The shocking statistic is that 27 million Americans suffer from this condition.

Rheumatoid Arthritis is a different type of arthritis that's not caused by wear and tear of the joints but a defect in the body's immune system that causes it to attack and break down cartilage and damage the joints. It also causes pain in the knees and other joints and affects 1.3 million Americans.

In addition to the pain and discomfort caused by these conditions, another unwanted symptom is creaking knees. You may have heard or felt the creaking and grinding in your knees as you walk up and down stairs.

I have found an all-natural treatment that helps with both of these conditions.

My experience with a glucosamine sulfate-based pharmaceutical grade supplement has been nothing short of amazing. I have osteoarthritis and suffered with clicking, creaking and grinding knees for years. It wasn't until I started taking an all-natural supplement that the pain, clicking and grinding went away in a matter of weeks.

You have probably heard of glucosamine for joint pain relief. Glucosamine provides the building blocks of joint and skin tissue essential for joint health and well-being. There are also additional supplements you should look for in a glucosamine product if you're serious about getting rid of knee pain and creaking noises. Curcumin is one such substance. It is the major antioxidant found in Turmeric, which is a potent anti-inflammatory and pain inhibitor. Pomegranate Extract is another. This powerful natural antioxidant is anti-arthritic and promotes cartilage repair.

I recommend pharmaceutical grade supplements because they don't contain fillers and are more easily absorbed into your body to provide optimum health benefits.

If you keep up with sporting news, it was reported that Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers has worn away all the cartilage in both knees and has bone rubbing against bone. I hope his doctors are also considering all-natural glucosamine based treatments. While it is not a cure, I'm sure it would help ease Mr. Bryant's symptoms.

In addition to my own success with a particular glucosamine-based supplement, here is a testimonial from a medical doctor that also recommends this product:

"I have been very pleased with the results after introducing your product to my patients. They have reported that they are no longer experiencing the aches and pains in their knees as they once were. I will continue to recommend your products to my patients". --Dr. Berry

In general, taking capsules of glucosamine sulfate twice a day can give you relief from knee pain and creaking and grinding knees.

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