Saturday, March 12, 2011

Knee Pain - Taking All Natural Supplements Can Improve Your Outcome

If you are reading this article because you or someone you care about has knee pain. My step father has graciously agree to share his story, a man of 74 years, who has overcome 45 years of knee and other joint pain.

"My name is John M. At age 20, I was playing half back for a professional football team in Canada. This led to injuries of the left knee, back, fingers, shoulder, collar bone, and skull. The injuries ended my football career. At age 23, I began outdoor activities which included working with the Ski Patrol. While skiing, I hit a tree and re-injured the shoulder and collar bone that was dislocated while playing football. I migrated to Vancouver, B.C. where dampness and 200 days of rain or drizzle each year, caused the football and outdoor injuries to ache and gnaw.

I sought help from chiropractors and took the least amount of prescription pain relief medication. Eventually, I immigrated to the U.S., became a U.S. citizen, and joined the U.S. Peace Corps at age 65. Heavy lifting of equipment at the school where I was assigned to teach caused my lumbar 5 disc (L-5) to rupture. An operation was required. It was like having a NEW back, with a subtle stiffness that lingered after surgery. The back surgery seemed to open the flood gates.

After the Peace Corps, at age 68, my body was beginning to "speak" to me about the injuries of the past by creaking, producing bone spurs, ganglions, painful stiff arthritic joints and the continuing stiffness in my back. Surgery on each shoulder, left knee and left wrist were recommended solutions. A surprising and amazing change was about to occur. Before my first shoulder surgery, I began taking an all natural joint pain relief supplement. I continued taking the supplement after the surgery as part of a daily regime.

The all-natural supplement was effective, it improved the speed of healing, it shortened the recovery time and in each instance, when the doctor said it would take one year, before the range of motion returned to each arm and the pain would subside; in six months, I could reach over my head and the pain was gone. With regard to my knee, the doctor said I would be able to walk without crutches in a week; I walked without crutches in two days. The knee no longer pops and grinds!

The shoulder, knee and wrist surgeries occurred sequentially between ages 69 and 72 and I have taken an all-natural joint pain relief supplement daily starting at age 69.

The bottom line is this: Taking an all-natural joint pain relief supplement will greatly improve the outcome, even if surgery is required for knee injuries. I am now 74, and I get out of bed in the morning with no stiffness, no aches and no pains. My left knee is perfect! My back is no longer stiff, my fingers are no longer curved and arthritic, but flexible and without pain."

A Chinese proverb says, "To know the road ahead, ask those coming back." My step father has traveled the road ahead and generously shared his journey with us.

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