Monday, March 28, 2011

Microwave Slippers


For those cold winter days and nights or for curling up with a good book or perhaps in front of the television to watch your favorite show or movie, HotSlippers are the perfect choice for warming your feet. These slippers are great for even spending the day around the house and are microwavable which creates the warmth. The slippers are easy enough to use, just put them in the microwave for ninety seconds to two minutes. They will provide warmth and a soothing comfort to your feet.

These HotSlippers are wonderful for ridding one of pain or aches due to putting in a hard day of work. These slippers are filled with wheat grains, which help to hold in the heat, and lavender is infused into them to provide a great smelling fragrance. The materials these slippers are made from are a pile faux fur that is of excellent quality and will provide your feet with even more warmth.

HotSlippers come in a variety of assorted colors such as red, lilac, brown, hot pink, beige, aqua, and cream. They come in a size that will fit most people's feet; their sizes range in adult sizes three through seven. These slippers will feel like a total luxury to your feet and are great not only for yourself but make a great gift as well for anyone who wants to keep their feet warm. They are perfect for a day of relaxation and to unwind with but are only able to be worn indoors.

These slippers are perfect for any adult and are ideal as a gift especially for those who want warm feet and love the scent of French lavender that is added into the slippers. Or for anyone who wants a slipper that is made of good quality materials that are super soft and comfortable to wear.

They are manufactured from a company in the United Kingdom that restocks their products daily and have other products available as well such as cute novelty slippers that appeal to children. So whatever the reason may be whether it is to relax and pamper your feet with a feeling of luxury or to soothe away your aches and pains from overworked feet from a long day on the job; these slippers will make a great purchase.

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