Monday, March 21, 2011

Pillow For Neck Pain

There are quite a few things that can cause neck pain. This is something that happens to everyone once in a while, and it is usually either accidental injury or improper posture while doing certain activities. Neck pain can ruin your whole day, especially if you can not move your head in any direction without feeling a lot of pain. When you have pain your your neck or even your upper back, most of the time it is a muscle problem and it will resolve within a few days with the right tools. One of those tools should be a pillow for neck pain.

If you have recurring problems with neck pain, you may want to have it checked out. There could be a problem with your upper spine. On the other hand, if you just have pain once in a while and you can pinpoint from where it came, it is usually something that you can clear up on your own with ice, heat, and rest. A pillow for neck pain can greatly help you sleep through the night while your muscles in your neck may be hurting or in spasm. Without one, you may not get a good night of sleep.

First, use ice if you believe you have a pulled or strained muscle. This often happens from improper posture or tilt of the head while sitting at a computer or because you may have slept with your head at an odd angle the night before. The ice helps with inflammation that usually comes with this type of neck pain. Alternate ice with heat to soothe the inflammation and then the pain. You can also take something like Advil or the generic equivalent to help with the inflammation as well. At night, you want to make sure you have a pillow for neck pain on which to sleep.

A good pillow for neck pain is one that is more firm than other pillows and that helps your neck and head stay in the same position. The best one would be one that keeps your spine in a straight line so that you are not stressing the muscles any more than they have already been strained. There are some great memory foam pillows that work great for neck pain. Look for ones specifically make for that purpose. You can also try the buckwheat pillow, which offers the same support in a different way.

If you have gotten the pillow for neck pain that you thought would work, and you still have pain despite using it and taking other measures to get rid of your pain, you may want to make an appointment to go in to see your doctor. Sometimes, a muscle is spasming so badly that you need a muscle relaxer to make it stop. Pain that goes on and on may be something else that you won't be able to treat on your own. Don't take the pain too long before seeking medical help, because the fix may be easy, or there may be more serious damage of which your doctor can find and diagnose.

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