Monday, March 21, 2011

Preventing Lower Back Pain From Happening and Getting In The Best Shape Of Your Life!

Lumbar pain is very common among all ages. According to, "5.4 million Ameri?cans are disabled due to lower back pain per year." Shouldn't that number be lower? I think so, so today I am going to discuss some preventative measures to keep your back healthy and working! Prevention is the answer.

Start right now to be certain that you are not going to be a victim to pain. I suggest if you are experiencing lower back pain you go and see a doctor and make sure you know what is causing your pain. You would be surprised how many things cause pain in your back such as spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis, herniated discs, fractures, bacterial infections, and so many more.

Here are some ways to help prevent the dreaded pain:

1. Avoid sleeping on your stomach because it tends to arch your back into uncomfortable positions.

2. Standing with good posture minimizes the stress on the lower back due to the promoting the natural curve of the spine.

3. Stretch your back every day to promote relaxed muscles and reduce tension spots.

4. When lifting anything from any surface, use your legs to lift most of the weight.

5. Do lower back strengthening exercises to enhance your back strength.

What this all comes down to is being physically fit and healthy. Take care of your body because its the only thing we have to have.

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