Monday, April 11, 2011

Overview of Sciatica and Sciatica Treatment

Sciatica is when you have lower back pain that is combined with pain that radiates through your buttock and then down one of your legs. The pain in the leg many times stops at the knee but can also in some cases go all the way to the foot. It can even be possible for your leg muscles to be weak when you have sciatica.

The largest nerves in your body are the sciatic nerves. In size they are around thumb size. Low in your back they come out of your spinal column and then behind your hip, down your buttock, and down your leg to your foot. This pain is generally different from other types of lower back pain due to the fact that it might begin in your back but also goes down one of your extremities.

This pain is generally a pain that is shooting, like electricity. It might even feel like fire burning or a tingling like when your leg happens to fall asleep. This pain can be unbearable for some and only annoying for others. Some people have reported having pain in one portion of their leg and then the other portion is numb.

One should know when they need to contact a doctor or start looking for sciatica treatment methods. If your pain is not getting better after a few days or if you feel it is getting worse you should contact your doctor. If you are older in age than 55 or younger in age than 20 and you have never had sciatica pain before you might need to see your doctor or seek out sciatica treatment.

If you have fever or chills that cannot be explain or have found that you lost a good amount of weight lately. You find that you are positive for HIV or if you have been using IV drugs. If after one week you still are have trouble with bending forward. If the weakness seems to be getting more pronounced then you need to call your doctor.

There are a few different reasons that you will need to get to the ER:
? The pain is following an injury that was violent like a car crash or even a fall from a high distance.
? You have pain your chest from the back.
? Your pain seems to be unbearable.
? You can't move or even feel your feet or legs.
? You begin to lose control of bladder and bowel function.

These are all important to remember. Even if you have to go see the doctor you will want to let them know that you are more interested in natural sciatica treatment methods than surgical methods. The doctor should be able to point your in the right direction for the sciatica treatments and if he can't the internet is a great place to start looking.

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